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A Grave to Visit

266 pages3 hours


On a Sunday morning, the body of a beautiful young woman was found on board a luxury cruise liner, in one of the lifeboats. The victim looked pristine; there were no signs of foul play. It looked like a perfect murder. The dead woman had no name, no ID, and there was no record she had ever come on board. To ship's staff, she didn't exist.
With no clues and little help, Kate Mitchell, Head of Security for the cruise ship company, begins the first investigation on her new job. Armed only with her twenty-year experience as NYPD detective and her connections, she begins untangling one clue after another. She is good at it, which is why they pay her the big bucks.
She knew her job. What she didn't know, was that sometimes perfect murders must not upset the accepted status quo.
Depicting different aspects of human nature and oft-neglected moral obligations, A Grave to Visit is an entertaining novel and a wonderful piece of mystery fiction. Lilian Surkova adds a healthy dash of humor and irony to a story replete with deep inner conflicts and ethical torments, and brings her characters to life with a sumptuous realism.

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