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The residents of Chudleigh, a small town in Devon, kept a diary for 23rd April 2011, which was both St George's Day and Easter Saturday.

The diaries were displayed as part of the Chudleigh Literary Festival on 18th July 2011.

They are now brought together in book form as input to the social history of Chudleigh.

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ISBN: 9781476064703
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    Maryon Avery

    As part of the Chudfest LITERARY FESTIVAL on 13 July 2011

    Chudleigh residents were asked to keep a diary for just one day –

    St George’s Day, Saturday 23 April*

    As you read the various diaries you will learn that the dawn chorus must have been particularly loud that day and that the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny. There were picnics, barbecues, a visit to Exmouth beach, sunbathing, cycling and driving through the lanes, and hours in gardens either eating, playing or just sitting.

    With a Bank Holiday coming up, there was shopping to be done and this led on to confessions of unhealthy quantities of chocolate being consumed. Eating was clearly an important item on the agenda with meals described ranging from a dog’s dinner to finishing up the left-over hot cross buns to lunches in the garden to planning the next day’s roast lamb followed by chocolate roulade.

    Visits to and from friends and families stimulated much reminiscing about sunny days past and far away.

    St George received several mentions, it being his day. Nor was the religious significance of the festival lost on contributors including thoughts provoked by seeing the cross on the hillside above the town, involvement in preparations for Easter Sunday in church and anticipation of the celebrations there the next day.

    Differing accounts in very different styles of writing give an insight into what Chudleigh gets up to on a holiday weekend.

    * one or two included the Sunday as well, but we don’t mind that!

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    Diary for a day – St. George’s day 23 April 2011.

    Roger Brandon

    I wasn’t involved in choosing this day, but it would be hard to find a better one as far