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Jasmine Absolute

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Jasmine Griffin believes she has it all. She has a blossoming career at one of Atlanta’s most prestigious ad agencies. She lives in a spacious midtown condo. She has a passionate relationship with her boyfriend of nine years, Kahlil. She has a fantastic group of friends, including her best friends Meeka and Kim, her co-worker/confidant, Jeff, and her neighbor/surrogate mother, Barbara. She enjoys a fun lifestyle, especially on Tuesday nights, when friends gather at her place for their weekly “Game Night.” And, when Kahlil’s mysterious, semi-reliable best friend, David, lands her tickets to the mayor’s Annual Gala, she is hopeful that she might finally have a shot at realizing her dream: to open a community center to honor her slain younger brother. Everything is looking up for her. Until...

Her world is turned upside-down when Uncle Randy, whom she barely remembers, is forced to move in with her after a near-fatal heart attack. As if that wasn’t enough, a potentially huge contract falls through at the agency, and due to a friend’s betrayal, Jasmine is blamed, and she loses her job. Turning to David and his wife for comfort and an evening away from her problems, she makes a shocking discovery: David is a well-connected drug dealer. Desperate for income in a shaky economy, and an escape, Jasmine is convinced by David to begin selling—and using.

Jasmine’s addiction—and life—soon spiral out of control, and friends and family begin to question her strange behavior and disappearances. She realizes that she has to find her way back, but doing so involves not only fighting her own inner demons; she must also navigate a twisted drug culture full of lies, thugs, violent encounters with fellow users, and a tragic run-in with David’s supplier, who just happens to also be one of the biggest names in the music business.

Join Briana Scott and Carl H. Thompson as they take Jasmine on a thought-provoking, sometimes-funny, sometimes-tragic journey to Hell and back, examining issues of pride, economic hardship, inner turmoil, love, loyalty, and most of all, what it means—and takes—to find one’s true self.

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