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I remember but it is failing. I have strived to erase myself before I go. For as long as I remember Her, She can wait for me. For as long as I am remembered, I will have to wait.

Erasure’s secretive narrator leads us across cities, continents and decades, racing to grasp at the weakening threads that link to Her. Steps traced, data hacked, privacy shattered – life and death in the cloud. But what becomes of this digital cosmos of memories, part stolen, once we are gone? What powers does it hold?

Love and murder collide in this contemporary story that explores what might happen if the digital records of our lives linked us, not to our past, but to our future.

Independent author A.T.H. Webber delivers a striking debut novel in which the pervasive powers of the Internet provide a timely backdrop for a story of love and faith in the digital age.

Published: A.T.H. Webber on
ISBN: 9781476235714
List price: $4.99
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