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Confessions of a Mind-body Junkie

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Imagine you are the newest comic superhero. Like all heroes, your saga starts with a calamity. Disaster strikes, but that helps you discover that you can perform phenomenal feats. It takes time to understand these fantastic powers. It takes longer to learn how to use them. Physical and emotional weaknesses make you vulnerable. A crafty archenemy exploits these limitations. He may well do you in. How can you foil the bad guy? Is fighting worth the pain? If you perfect your powers, can you change your world?
These questions get asked in cancer treatment centers every day, not in that way, but the basic storyline is there. Patients face upheaval, need to work through life-threatening experiences and transcend them. Cancer patients can turn personal stories into the stuff of legend. If they write down heroic actions and failures, they transform upheaval into stories they can handle, stories with better outcomes, or stories that teach lessons. Baldino's book tells readers how to rewrite a cancer experience and move on.

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