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The Secret Behind the Lies

501 pages8 hours


Laurel Sutton was tired of being perfect- and boring. When she wanted to come out of her shell and escape the monotony of her pristine reputation, Nick Slater was the perfect way to do so. Their cyber-flirting over the past year seemed harmless enough- until she finally accepted his invitation for a weekend together in Miami. When Laurel realizes that she has just cheated on her handsome, wealthy and powerful record executive fiancé, Aiden Montgomery, she runs. Will a vacation from her ‘good girl’ life destroy everything she has? Will Aiden find out that she really wasn’t visiting her best friend after all? Will Nick ever forgive her for running out on him? Or will he make her pay for her mistakes? Helpless, with no one to turn to and a growing stack of lies on her psyche, Laurel makes a frantic plea for everything and everyone she loves. Fear and panic set in quickly, and as the pace of the dance quickens, Laurel’s only hope is that she’ll soon wake up from this nightmare.

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