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This is part 6 of a 10 books suite. Creator species, the UI, gods, life, extraterrestrials are the main subjects. It`s about all the intelligences involved in the human creation, and the universe creation a lot too.

I will describe how i see a universe reformulation, time, what is fundamental dust, particles, planets, black holes, and the greatest most fundamental mystery; why the heck do everything turns! Along with that, I will explain existential functions, how intelligence appeared, the steps of it and its possible forms.

I will furthermore describe life systems interactions, communication possibilities, information possibilities, within matter, within planets, between planets, suns, black holes, even the universe. I'll explore most possible forms of intelligence that could exist, and I'll do that based on all the principles I defended in my previous writings, which define the best or worst path (good and evil) a high consciousness species can take in the environment I see.

There won't be scientific studies, mathematical formulas or scientific jargon, no precise order to the subjects either, just me "casually" talking about the story of my life.

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Lift-Off - Jean-Nichol Dufour

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I met that tree in a dream, and it seems to be a shortcut to other dreams. I think, but I’m missing parts so I’m not sure. It’s a big twisted tree; the base is holed in as an old camp, it is full of trapdoors, secrets and little rooms, some brand new, leading down and up everywhere on and in brambles. But I don’t see any of this the first time; it looked like a demolished and abandoned place. Old planks and dust, an old rusted bed of spring, a turned aside bathtub, it’s dark and I’m tired so I sleep on the springs but I end-up in another place, a land I visited a few times. Normally I get to this place from a vast, half desert bushy plain with an end of sight gravel road that runs down from a red mountain on my back. I can go there on a mean of transportation, going through a gate, paying 20$ I think, or I must go on foot, traversing the whole plain, I did once, but I normally end up in a pick-up or 4 wheeler. I did a few bizarre fishing trips there and very strange adventures I don’t remember well, the place seems infinite, I just make the dreams of one or the other part, which I know connected from old dreams.

There is a northern snowy area which I landed in from the tree, it was for a fishing and camp infiltration game. There is a marsh area far to the south too, I tried to enter twice (in other dreams) but failed, it’s an unknown marshy place under boiling heat with a few high trees. I’m always following a trail but the place is so dangerous and the sky so low that you just make a mistake and you feel secure enough that you’re better turn around, and forget that giant black beast of a moose monster you were following. And that’s what happens each time; something attracts my attention and I lose the trail, then I’m almost running back to the beginning, all the way through the desert plain and past the go gate to wake-up.

As for the tree of dreams, I remember another visit where I ended-up jammed crammed in 4 foot box waiting for the tree to grow a bramble and permit an exit. I ended-up in the feeling dimension in a too small garden for me with too small humans for the garden. I was there to learn the ways of the place I think, in an institution which was a mental-emotional puzzle, built between a rank of giant carrots and a rank of giant small flowers. Everything is solid in the place, but the size is far smaller, you are a resized version of yourself that deal integrity of matter from emotion solidity I could say. When you are to size the institution is a 3 story big white old and long but well-kept building. But I know I’m big because as soon as I get out of the barge front door, my vision switch high, but as a spotlight view, and I can’t move, I see a bit of a garden, see the front of the institution that is aligned between ranks of vegetables, and I see a part of another home. I think the other home got a to size garden I can go to, there is a black haired woman working in it, I seems to know her but I remember nothing of the house.

The big building’s inside all seem like an illusion; you feel the place is full of secrets. It’s hard to affect things, you know the building is real, nothing is distorted, but things change. I noticed I was walking in a large corridor and no door on either side of me, I felt that, I didn’t say there are no doors, I noticed it unconsciously. You do your things like everything is normal, because you know it’s part of what you have to do, it’s like walking in a school corridor, you do your business of walking in the corridor, that’s how dreams see things too, but the morning light hitting the floor was not there the last time I think, but it seems real, so it must be and it seems to be.

The people feel very real though, dressed in black robes, they may be around 10, strangers, only the young blonde is helping me, but I feel all the rest are watching me from the corner of their eyes. I have almost no interaction with her, except that I cross her and she makes me feel what I should see but not on the spot, it’s like I must carry the feeling along with me until I meet the situation leading me to see the things that are worth my effort at disturbing. The blond led me through a trap on the roof that I felt importantly attracted to, and I ended up in a vast garage debarras, playing a bit in it, finding things that invoked feelings, finally ending-up in a small room that I understood as the room of the blond woman, a strangely formed room, like a rectangle from which you chopped the two top corners half from bottom and half middle top, it seems to be floating in another dimension inside the mass of things. Yellow lighting, blue bed, a desk, and tons of books, it’s like a rare paradise, I felt like I passed years reading these books until everybody forgot I existed.

Here is another dream related to the tree, the view of the land is the same spotlight vision. It’s a gray waste with a cliff in the middle that is floating in darkness. There was this monster that kept visiting me from dreams to dreams, in a flashback kind of way. He is green and looks like a 4 foot hulk. He comes in my room in dreams where I sleep (in the dream). He never does anything except rummaging through my things and eating the more expensive stuff, waking me up, but I’m not scared of him.

The last time, I was in a mud hut when he woke me up. In the morning I asked people living around if they ever saw him, and they told me that he came from the castle up the cliff, and that the fourth visit you receive, he eats you. I tell them I’ll kill him tonight and I go to my laboratory in a cave and start working on my weapon while some people follow me to look at what I’m doing.

I make a gold plated 10 feet pole with a blender tool at one tip and a gas lawnmower motor at the other end. I’m ready and it’s night. The people up the cliff are having a sex party tonight so I start climbing the cliff totally nude, it’s incredibly hard, I’m slipping, cutting myself, rocks break away and when I look down, I see a sea of people doing the same thing as me. When I finally reach the top, the castle is besieged, there are bloody nudists everywhere. I go to the windy tip of the cliff and I plant myself there while holding my pole like a flag. I move it slightly in the wind, it’s making a woohoo noise and slowly I see people rejoining me out of the night and their successful battle.

Suddenly here comes the monster and he has totally changed, he is now a thin, pink gigantic monster with small white spots all over the body. He is covered in some kind of disgusting goo like if you took half a barrel of transparent goo jelly, then mix in the other half with boogers. He’s got a strange mouth with only a few short teeth, he’s coming at me open mouthed and I stuff my pole in it and up his brain, I’ve got him planted there for a moment until my motor almost stalls, so I get it out and he start at me again so I plant it a second time in the same way and I plant the pole in the ground, bringing it straight, so his weight carry him down. I am rewarded by a zoom of his face howling on the pole and the noise of the blender tip going through his skull as he slips down to my feet and I wake up.




You can’t ignore the fact that extraterrestrials exist and may have visited our planet. You can’t write about life, write about the universe and write about gods without exploring this possibility. So I’ll do it, to finish this part in beauty, and to open the mind of this world which seems unable to imagine something cool that doesn’t end-up fitting the ego-gods ideology. But I won’t be too hard, I understand the importance of spirituality, as I understand the historical weight of religious indoctrination, often enforced with violence, and the extraordinary manipulation level involved in the stories.

But the result of too much PMBBD is that good judgment, particularly concerning people, becomes more limited, and it is in this reality, and it is a final affirmation I make; there is too much PMBBD (Propaganda, Manipulation, Bullshit, Brainwash, Disinformation) to the point that people leave most of their valuable judgment in the hands of manipulators. And the more we evolve, the more the mind and judgment limitations gained through PMBBD is apparent, to me, surely not to those susceptible to it, but we’re all interrelated and believing we’re good with judgment and all, so I should close my mouth unless I end-up as the one without judgment.

If you ask me if I believe in god, I’ll answer that yes I believe depending on the scenario. And, talking about judgment, I’ll add that the strength of my belief in god is generally inversely proportional to the popularity of the form, or, if you prefer, the more a god vision got followers in this reality, the less credibility the story, generally, and it applies to people versus their Super Stars gods and divas too. The conflict with me is that profound, I’ll laugh at your god religious vision, which got 0 credibility to me, something I can qualify as manipulation to encourage and defend evil, but then you’ll laugh at me in turn when I’ll talk about the life god as an extension of the UI, the entity I believe in the most, which is a view that haven’t been invented yet (or publicized to my knowledge; I guess it’s more important to bring to my knowledge books like Catholicism, Stephen King, or 30 Shades Of Grey, understandable, but why? They’re popular? Or is it that they’ve been made popular? But worse is the truth, when you think how pressure selection works...) At least I know I can’t trust popular judgment and its dependence to publicity to suggest which books I should read, and since politicians represent people, then I wouldn’t leave my judgment in the hands of anybody in this reality, on any facet of my life, even if some positive result could be gotten, like living my life successfully in the definition of success of this reality…Did I already mention that I found no example to follow in this reality?

As I think of it, some scientific study proved people are happier when they don’t think too much, like they found a human property; the truth is that you’re not as motivated to happily jump on the bed when you know that under the bed cover is a mattress full of blood sucking insects and sex diseases, now would you grab the magnifying glasses for a closer look? All that to say that the study, again, as always when dealing with people, is wrong; people don’t hate spending energy to jump on the bed, but they’ll sure hate jumping in shit or playing in it. I could say that what we don’t know don’t hurt us (directly), but I would be spreading PMBBD since the truth is more complex than that, and such a way of seeing things is counter evolutionary in its most basic form to say the least; I have to look at the truth of the reality I live in if I’m to minimally evolve and get better judgment. Anyway, whatever the way you look at it, this proverb is stupid, and you don’t make of an exception a general truth with some proverbial bullshit, because yes it is an exception, the truth is that what we don’t know limit our options, like survival options. But yes, sometimes it is better to ignore some things, for some time. So it is kind of logical for a sane mind to depress when studying this reality, the more you study this reality seriously, the uglier your opinion, the more counterproductive complexity you’ll dwell in, and the less hope you’ll find. Do you like to burn your hand? I can bet most people don’t like pain, well, what about psychological pain? This book (s) is a form of self torture, I’m proud of it but I hate it, my opinions never get better, all the subjects, principles and theories I explored get tainted by what I hate. Remember my inversed psy therapy? Yeah, at this point I can say I succeeded at making sense out of myself, thus failing my therapy, and it means that I’m ok in the head. I’m ok but I’m not happy, so it’s not me that’s my problem, something I can heal with a few pills and a psy, or destroy with a weapon, no, it is far worse, it is the whole reality that got a problem, and I can do nothing even if I have solutions, I can only smile a little ironically at my Cassandra syndrome since in the end there is no exit, it’s like being dead and alive at the same time, it’s like worthless valuable wisdom, I do it because I have to, responsibility oblige. One thing’s for sure, knowing how condemned humanity is, then I’m not in a mood for fun, or I don’t feel happy, and I think I’m normal for having such a reaction! So if looking at the truth of what the human made until now is depressive, then what’s the big party all about?

When the mind of people will be too much of a mess of PMBBD, or when it will stagnate or degenerate, what will the science of the mind do? It will probably concentrate its energy on seeing sicknesses everywhere, they’ll work on the result of failing to respect the human creation in the first place. As for me, maybe my sickness, apart the fact that I absolutely hate unnecessary hassles, is that I see living as not worth it if there is no meaning behind things, I’m ready to work and feel proud of it, but only if I feel it is worth it toward life’s advancement, and I don’t feel that at all. In fact I feel the contrary, like I would work to make more of a mess with life and that things would not get better with my contribution. I would have worked and enjoyed it if I was born in a tribe of (sane) savages, my mind would have felt good, but not today, today I would feel a traitor to myself, I would grow a conflicting mind to justify, and I’d probably end-up depressive or with alzaimer. Laugh all you want, I’m sure my mind is healthier fighting this reality than encouraging it…

As for pain, there are many forms of it, it’s painful for a super star to lose popularity, it’s painful for a rich to end-up poor, and remember what I said previous chapter about pain and fear? They work hand in hand, but systematically use them to manipulate people and you condemned your civilization. In fact, growing a humanity in envy (jealousy), competition, fear, violence, pain, unfairness etc, is a guarantee of future failure. Could we have started differently? I believe so, we just needed to worship life with gods at their best possible place (not imposed, what we must battle is PMBBD having a bad effect on people, so a distributor of PMBBD like Catholicism must become an obscure epoch thing to study, it can exist, but it can’t be defended by governments, can’t get grants, can’t publicize their view to the youth. You could say a bullshit book like mine should be burned fast, but there are a few principle to understand first; my book is an exploration, a story, and I came to conclusions, it is not an indoctrination, then there is the fact that I must fight a fantastic history of a bad PMBBD pile provided by the ego reality, and all the tools it used to become an invincible systematization are in my arsenal of fundamental rights, sorry cheater. Then I believe knowing a basis of philosophy and spirituality to be necessary in youth, but it must be made as an exploration, like a philosophy course, not as a brainwash where you learn things by heart or where you see publicity about it, and the other point is the effect, the goal, I don’t think or believe PMBBD should be eliminated, I believe it must be limited to what got a positive effect and pub should be categorized, not imposed, you can have a show of people talking about books because people know what they’ll be watching, and you can watch categories of publicity too. There will be temples in a life reality, as beautiful as churches I hope, but you won’t be forced to them as a mass, you’ll go there to relax in the most beautiful symbiotic life and sky environment made by the hand of man, no painting of struggles and suffering and pity (I can shed a tear for the beauty and the works, but the Jesus crucified? Doesn’t get an emotion outta me, weird, am I normal?). The only way to spread your message or ideology without restraints is to remove as much PMBBD as possible from it; a life ideology can become a manipulative mess too if you push it with PMBBD, that’s why I made such a big emphasis all along my writings that I’m expressing possibilities, and since all these possibilities are interrelated and non conflicting in all their facets, then I can say I opened the possibilities of a new, universally interrelated argument set, or a new ideology since it is vastly conflicting with all what I witness in the reality I live in too. Anyway, working for life instead of ego-gods would have put the human in a far more malleable position; we are not robot machines with a program of emotions we can decorticate mathematically, something made in china and dropped on earth as an army of obedient slaves controlled with PMBBD, no, we are life creatures instead, grown, we are a continually created piece of art, we are genetically reactive to the environment, we are independent as much as social, we cry of pain and joy. In old times, the human was created by a superior being, by magic, or in a lab, whatever, they didn’t think of the human as something that would mentally and physically morph with the reality, even today such a concept is in infancy, science still make affirmations about the human like it is something mechanical, they continually make affirmations that life or the human is like this and like that, or they act like it’s something new and evolution is just the story, or trail we followed, but someone like me that is automatically assailed by all kind of imaginative possibilities, that continually think in function of the past and the future, I can only feel alien, and maybe that’s why I can actually invent another (complete) fundamental ideology, an alien thing to this world, I’ll even describe a credible reality (next chapter) with an alien monetary system, and an alien political system, maybe my mind is alien! I’m saying stupidities, but with time I gained the certitude that there is nothing wrong with me, or is there? Then tell me what’s wrong with me, after reading all my book (s), evidently. And it may sound like I don’t care, but this subject touches me each time I think of it; my mind doesn’t connect normal with people, that’s my problem, I do connect, like everybody I guess, I have no problem socializing with most people, I’ll even enjoy it, but I always feel hypocrite and superficial versus the truth of me, and women like me too much causing all kind of problems, evidently, there are more reasons than that as to the why I failed to make a girlfriend for years. It is very hard to explain or justify my mind or ways of life within the current social time frame, and this book (s) is in part a kind of tool I gave myself to deal with the problem, so when I’ll go back more social, I’ll be able to discuss my views better without feeling I missed an important factor, and if someone want to deeply test his stuff against my argumentation, then I’ll tell him to read my book (s) before asking too many questions or entering in a serious debate since I talked something like 1 hour total in the past 10 years, my talking muscles are atrophied (kind of, I have a lion’s voice, someone said, but lately it seems I can’t talk much without making an effort to compensate for my tone). Another benefit of writing my mind is that if someone like how I see things, then I may hear about it, I will cherish such feedback, but never assume my attitude or reactions, you can be religious or gay or a superstar and if you’re nice, I’ll be nicer, but if you give me shit, I’ll give you worse if I can, and never assume my marital status either; it would be a dream to fall in love with someone that read my work beforehand.

Now, if you read all my (chapters) books until now, then you got a good idea of how I see happiness (remember?), and a big part of it is proportional to the level of conflict in one’s head. So, in an ego reality, because the under of things is ugly to look at, or depressive to think about, or the competition is impossible, then you are happier as an innocent (except for party), and someone like me got more difficulties. Another way of seeing it would be to say innocent gremlins are happy in hell; they travel light (mentally), go to the confessional for pardon from a boss, they got money for party (fun), minimal responsibility, they follow and please the leader. But a person like me will be at the bottom of the happiness ladder in such a reality, heavy luggage (mentally), no source of pardon except direct relation, inexhaustible responsibility, do everything yourself, and you’re lucky if you got friends, love, affection, encouragements, and money for party, but none of this came my way… Still, I know I have everything to be happy, but I won’t grace this reality with my nice capacities unless someone modifies the environment so I can feel happier, not on a quest to continually justify being a traitor to myself because my actions in reality are in conflict with what I want, or think, or believe. And don’t say I ask too much, I ask the minimum of decency with my mind, and this reality can’t provide it. And don’t think I look depressive, I look normal, and don’t think I act depressive, I act normal, in fact, it is my belief that the state of mind I sustained during all these years made me impervious to many mental pains, and I’m just on the verge of far better feelings…

Today, when I hear humanity, it means nothing good, a condemnation to unfairness, competition, war, PMBBD, the ego-gods ideology. It means I can’t trust people, I must continually decorticate what I hear, close my heart to life, dump my good consciousness, tolerate, accept, pardon, love anything that I hate, and displace my hate at the wrong sources unless I end-up in prison, etc, etc, I’m better hiding all my life in a hole to stand for good... That’s how it feels to be a human for me; let the time pass, enjoy the moment, work hard, don’t question too much. But I’m sure being a high consciousness civilization means more than that, it’s just me that is alien I guess, when I think we ought to do our best.

So I can do nothing but wait until the adapted selection changes or disappear, and since it seems it will fight to defend or tolerate this hell until resources are exhausted, I just don’t understand why I persist to believe there is a potential, or a chance. Why don’t I do like everybody? I know; I’m the inhuman one because I refused to bow, and I persist because I know potential is still there, most people really try to act good, and I can’t discard that so I stand for this part. I understand since most of the problem is unconscious and caused by condemnation and wrong beliefs, but the more you work to make evil an acceptable thing, the more you sink yourself, and that’s the problem of good, this whole reality stand on this fantastic failure that will forever worsen until the end.

An evil action is done, it is weighted in reality, why do we waste our good energy to make it good for counterbalance? A systematization of evil attitudes seen as good is an unconscious condemnation from conflict to serve evil whatever we think we’re doing the best good action, while we are in a war with life and it will win one way or the other or we’ll destroy ourselves.

We’re building that hell with good intents, and that’s what’s breaking my heart, good intents all over the place but innocent or not caring of fundamental evil powers; too full of PMBBD. Nothing can be better than good intents, whatever the mistakes, but it’s not enough, and innocence can’t be an argument anymore, soon it will be 50/50 just on the good intent facet, not in actual weight of evil when thinking of all relations like encouraging or defending evil unconsciously, or working for evil people, or spreading evil PMBBD, soon half people won’t even have good intents except as a façade, and there won’t be potential anymore since evil already got a vast majority of the means.

Who will refuse a million buck for getting fucked while the majority is a member of the fun fuck-all fuck friend free for all libertine revolution while singing love? While the rest do as usual, in their ego innocence and unconscious encouragement of evil by accepting, tolerating, adapting, pardoning, ignoring, compassionating, and birthing as good givers of life to increase overpopulation condemnation and get their children to fit in, as best as they can, believe in a religion, be a member of all those new changes and revolutions to make the world always so