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Good Ole Boys

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“Good ole boys” is basically a Southern term for a network of friends who scratch each other’s backs. They can be the good guys or the bad. It can refer to the norm, the old established way of doing things.

Specifically here, the term pertains to Texas and Texans, known for pickup trucks sporting gun racks in the rear window, patriotism, cigars and Jack Daniels—also those buddies you can count on.

Plus there is the business side, with its own network of people. The Seville family has been in the gun-manufacturing business for over a century, with its newest heir a familiar face on the Dallas party circuit. He may be two generations removed from his grandfather’s era, but some version of the Good Ole Boy mentality remains.

Holt Ian Seville is the fifth son-of-a-son to run his family’s company, a favored bachelor within Dallas society, a hunting enthusiast, an avid inventor, having the time of his life.

Geneva “Neva” Tate is a workaholic, an entrepreneur, a fundraiser, a lover of animals, a yoga instructor, enjoying her freedom and privacy.

Holt was clearly not ready to settle down, as his actions evidenced. Neva had only begun to again entertain thoughts of looking for someone special to share her life with. Definitely not him. She had her list. She would not settle.

Yet their paths crossed due to business concerns. Neva's mind was closed, but Holt kept pressing.

Meanwhile life and its dramas get in the way.

Love comes in surprise packages . . . .

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