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A collection of some of the best "Can You Imagine...?" columns written about 'furry and freaky' things we love...and loath.

Read about cloning sheep, ballistic balls of fur, new puppy ponderings, methane nights and outrageous butt sniffing confrontations, to name a few.

And if you didn't think spiders were a funny subject, you haven't read what Bobbi G says about the eight legged anomalies she's had the unfortunate experience to cross paths with. "AHHHHHH!" is one way of putting it.

Plus, there are the canine crew's non-stop, knee-slapping antics. Especially when they encountered their first snow fall and the entire world (okay, the backyard) as they knew it...disappeared.

Yes, Bobbi G's humor is so far out-of-the-box, she forgot where she put it!

So if you haven't used your funny bone for a while, you might want to grease it really well before you download your copy of "Can You Imagine...?, Volume I"

Get yours today. Then tell your friends so they can get theirs too!

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ISBN: 9781476154879
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