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Lenna at the All Thing

184 pages2 hours


Book 3 of Lenna's Story. The flood of magic called Fimbulsummer is dammed up for now, however, and Lenna has enough time to breathe. Well, as long as that Loki guy stays out of her way.

After departing the Changed Verdance of Verdandi, Lenna and the Egyptian pantheon emerge from the skull cave to find themselves on a washing beach in Saudi Arabia. Taken by a Saudi official, they tangle with the difficult culture, and a mysterious Power of Magic warns Lenna that he'll see her again. At last they leave for Asgard.

The gods have gathered to discuss the flood of magic. However, Binnan Darnan is currently more preoccupied with Lemmy, her new boyfriend, and his celestial metal band. Lenna finds herself tangled up with rock band politics as she tries to convince the Norse gods to watch out for Loki and act on the warnings she's received about the dangers of Fimbulsummer.

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