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Ain't No Bum

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Are you a bum if you’re a McCoy?

Look it up. No matter the source, you will find a bum defined as a lazy, inferior, worthless person.

Ask the notorious Frank McCoy and he will profanely tell you that you have no need to look up the definition. Instead, just use his son Milt McCoy as the standard for what you can expect from a bum.

Is Frank’s harsh condemnation wrong? If you ask Milt’s mother, Bess, she would snort and cackle out an agreement with Frank. But if you asked any of the townspeople they would shake their heads in disagreement, and they might even sing Milt’s praises, as is the case of Sheriff Foster.

As Milt’s abundant willpower and good nature conquers one challenge after another, Milt picks up more and more believers. Especially, Violet Stewart, the love of his life.

After watching Milt overcome challenges that many other lesser men would have succumbed to, Violet, or Vi as she prefers to be called, would heartily agree when Milt yells to the heaven that he was born a McCoy but he “ain’t no bum.”
But the question is—do you agree?

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