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The Kingdom of Babylon Parts 1 & 2

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It hasn't been until the 20th century that Christianity has suffered any serious challenge that has threatened it with universal annihilation. But now the attackers of Christianity have asserted that Christianity is an ignorant religion. These haters of Christ have proclaimed themselves as the true minds of the age, while the Church wanders after pursuing its sensual pleasures. Truth has been lost in the senseless reckoning of non-truth within a culture that has determined that nothing is worth considering beyond its self image.
Through the centuries, the pages of the Bible speak the same truth that they communicated to the ancient bewildered society of Rome. In Ancient Rome Augustine utilized the words of God to silence the oppressors of Christ, and these same words are as pertinent today as they ever have been.

Augustine spoke of a house divided. He spoke of two cities, which have stood diametrically opposed to each other since the beginning of time. It is as these two cities express themselves in the world that the division of man is manifested.

There is no middle ground between the two cities. In this book we will examine how the two opposites of the world have manifested themselves in history. We will apply this knowledge to our contemporary society and its worship life. In so doing, we will turn to reiterate to the world what Augustine had shown us fifteen hundred years ago. We will identify the source of our problems. We will be directed to our only hope.
We will consider the "house divided"; the division in society that is inevitable when two points of view are prevailing. We will discover that the separation between opposites is absolutely essential in discerning truth from error. We will see why the doctrine of tolerance within the framework of non-accountability is exactly that which severs liberty and freedom from man.

We will examine the great kingdoms of the world to see how Augustine's two cities have manifested themselves through history. We shall uncover the consequences that have developed in the kingdoms of men as a result of the influence of each point of view. We will unearth the reality which acknowledges that the future of a kingdom is directly reliant upon the city which directs its course.

We will consider the philosophies that underpin the two cities. We shall behold that these ideologies determine how men view themselves and direct how they see the world that they live in. We will resolve that men become exactly who they think they are. Finally, we will come to an understanding of the precepts of the two great religions of the world. Each of the two cities is masterminded by its own faith. Because there is only one faith that is true, we shall rustle the Queen of Apostasy out of her nest, to expose her and demonstrate where she has made her bed.

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