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Case Notes From A Family Doctor

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This book is about the true stories about a family doctor's 40 years practice in the hospital and in his own family practice.
Case notes of some of the interesting cases are taken from his medical records from his family clinic. No name of patients are mentioned in the book.
It is impossible to write about all the patients in the clinic.
I hope that you will find the case notes from a family doctor interesting and informative.

Table Of Content:
1.My Clinic
2.Family Friend
3.Family Counselor
4.Hospital Cases
-Kidney transplant
-Barbiturate Poisoning
5.Cancer Cases
-Nasopharyngeal Cancer
-Laryngeal Cancer
-Breast Cancer
-Basal Cell Carcinoma
-Bladder Cancer
-Multiple Myeloma
-Brain Cancer
-Cervical Cancer
-Colorectal Cancer
-Gastric Cancer
-Kidney Cancer
-Liver Cancer
-Ovarian Cancer
-Salivary Gland Cancer
-Squamous Cell Carcinoma
-Thyroid Cancer
-Vulval Cancer
6.Diagnosis Cases
-Malaria patient
-Pin in the Foot
7.Orthopedic Diseases Cases
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Frozen Shoulder
-Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc
-Plantar Fascilitis
-Knee cap Dislocation
8.Neuralgia Diseases Cases
-Trigeminal Neuralgia
9. Lung Diseases Cases
-Chronic Cough
10.Gastrointestinal Cases
11.Skin Cases
-Skin Infections
-Foot care
-Cutaneous Larva Migrans
-Alopecia areata

-Premature Ejaculation
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Urinary Incontinence

14.Chronic Diseases
-Coronary Heart Disease
-High Cholesterol

15.Venous Diseases
-Varicose veins

16.Eye Diseases

17.ENT Diseases
-Nose bleed

18.Infectious Diseases
-Hepatitis B

-Brain Aneurysm


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