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Kristin was seventeen, popular, beautiful and with everything to live for.

Then she jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and was never seen again.

Now her mother, Detective Sara Frost, on leave from the San Francisco Police Department and drowning in a sea of grief and alcohol, is called in to deal with a situation she doesn’t feel ready to handle.

Another girl is about to jump, and the only person she will talk to is Sara.

And the only thing she wants to talk about is a world beyond the fabric of our own: a world of strange beauty and frightening beasts.

A world that Kristin fell into when she jumped off the Bridge, and landed in a place of dreams and nightmares.

And this mysterious jumper tells Sara that she knows how to get there.

Is the jumper as mad as she sounds, or could there be even the slightest chance that what she's saying is true?

Can Sara ever hope to see her daughter again?

Is she willing to take a leap of faith?

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