Whatever the debatable benefits of our national childhood immunization program may be, the Karmic cost in ongoing, unrepentant, intentionally-inflicted animal suffering, mutilation and death is mindbogglingly, exponentially higher. From a vegetarian Buddhist perspective, childhood immunization represents a spiritual abomination of unimaginable proportions. I couldn’t believe what I had unknowingly permitted to be injected into my son's body in infancy. Needless to say, we never returned to the County Health Department, or the mandatory vaccination schedule. So there I stood before the school registrar’s desk. There was no shot record to provide. My son was not "up to date" on his immunizations, and by everything I hold sacred, he was not going to “catch up” on my watch. I felt like a deer in the woods who has just heard the rustle of a hunter’s boot in dry leaves... A free full chapter excerpt from "Zo-Zen: Zen Buddhist Essays and Insights from the Small Town Big Mind of Harold Zo."

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ISBN: 9781476317908
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