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Ghosts in Vietnam

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Lieutenant Paul Sitrick leads a group of GI soldiers deep into the Vietnamese jungle on a mission that is cloaked in secrecy. Only Sitrick knows that the team’s objective is to extract a spy from a Viet Cong unit stationed alongside an opium smuggling route. With an unshared burden on his shoulders Paul soon finds himself in conflict with the soldiers under his command. No one hates the lieutenant more than Sergeant Tom McCain, a battle veteran hell bent on surviving his tour of duty. The tension between the two men reaches boiling point when an unpopular private is mysteriously murdered, and in the wake of the death a mutiny flares up. Sitrick and McCain lock horns in a war of their own, but as they do so they cross paths with a Viet Cong guerrilla on the run from his psychotic commander. The four souls collide in an explosion of malice, and when the dust settles they are left alone to grapple with the ghosts in the humid jungle.

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