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20 Bedtime Stories For Children

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This book has been created not to read, but to tell. It is truly a bedtime story book.
There is repetition, children love repetition, there are expressions, clichés to the rest of us, but children love them. In fact children love anything they can relate to.
As a writer of scripts and novels, I have tried to combine both in these stories. There is dialogue for the reader to characterise, brightening a reading drone.
Work on these stories, and you will get as much fun reading them to the children, as they will get listening to them, and as much fun I have had writing them.
I tried to categorise the stories into age groups but abandoned the idea. My three-year old Goddaughter seemed to enjoy them as much as my five year old Grandson. Although the seven and eight year olds lowered their bottom lips, scorning them somewhat with their vast experience.
There are no baddies in these stories, no evil characters, ogres or corpses, which to my horror, I see in many children’s books. The idea of these stories is to lull the little dynamos to sleep, not wake them screaming.
Finally, whilst I created all the stories, I did not choose which to put in this book. The kids did.
So you have a fully tested, market approved, choice here.

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