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Mead making is an ancient craft that predates even yesterday that has been passed on from beekeeper to drunk to drunk. Some say this skill predates the Dark Ages, or Microsoft Word.

Want to make mead (honey wine), don't know how, find all other texts dry and boring? Spice a little humor into your cup and brew a tasty batch the sarcastic way. Illustrated, illuminated with humor, and informative.

Tentatively subtitled "Shut up and Drink!!", the Page of Cups is a laboriously rewritten version of the author's first mead research paper, the Knight of Cups. Unfortunately for the author, his wife was holding a barely-used minor in history when he uttered the fated words, "Can you help me rework this book? Maybe you could illustrate it." Thus an educational how-to book was born complete with illustrations. It might have taken the author six years of constant therapy just to be able to walk outside again.

Accented with sarcastic input from his editor (the wife), it includes various recipes both traditional and new.

"It was so hilarious I couldn't put it down!" - our next-door neighbor.
"My girls loved it!" - some beekeeper somewhere
"The end notes were fantastic!" - we can't remember who said that, but we're sure they meant every word.

Published: Writers of the Apocalypse on Jun 12, 2012
ISBN: 9781476369754
List price: $3.99
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