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This is part 8 of a 10 books suite. This one is the continuation of the life reality description; I will start describing how the reality will be given birth, but the main emphasis will be for the creation of the first flower city, which has nothing to do with the flower power thing. Along with that there will be many basic drawings of how this first city will work.

I will continue using names related to life's ways, but don't be fooled, you should know by now that i'm not an amateur of esoteric stuff. I will explain the spiritual and philosophical view behind the first city, how it is important to the start of the life reality. It will be a flower to life, but far more, something never seen or designed in the history of humanity. It is meant to permit survival of many millions of people in an end of the world cataclysmic situation, and to start experiencing the necessities of interstellar travel too, but not in an enclosed way. It got the most fabulous coliseum ever designed, it takes out the trash and bring your usual purchases to your place without opening a door, it’s magic! Well, kind of.

I will further write about many other details about the life reality, for instance, I’ll explain more about how cultural races will thrive, particularly in "flower cities", I will explain more about the planetary equilibrium structure too, how it will come to impose resources fairness to both realities and how it will end war machines production.

Published: Jean-Nichol Dufour on
ISBN: 9781476291604
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