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Vulcan- The Good Side Of Evil

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A different kind of love

Is love really Blind? How far would you go for love? And what would do if love didn't come in the package you envisioned?

Vulcan has a talent for making any woman scream out with intense pleasure. Then again he should. He's part pleasure demon. Giving pleasure to thousand of women is but a small part of who Vulcan is. For a decade he's teamed up with a band of do gooders who are out to save the world. As long as their plans coincide with his, he doesn't mind lending the humans a hand. With any plan there are things that Vulcan didn't expect to happen. Caring for the humans is one of them.

Bodie is a bad ass demon hunter. She's pissed that the thing she hates the most happened to be the thing she loves the most. She can't help but wonder if her feelings would be different if she were the only woman Vulcan gave pleasure to. For the sake of humanity and her heart she's forced to rein in carnal desires as well as the desire to pierce Vulcan's heart with her blade.

Will Vulcan's secret plans be the undoing of humanity? Is there common ground for him to love a woman who hates him? Bodie is more than human, she's not what Vulcan expected. She's different. Can he love her?

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