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Erotic and very explicit. Is it our experiences that determine our sexual orientation or the other way around. This author believes the former as he has never wanted a relationship with another man just sex. From his first encounter at all male boarding school, during his marriage to present day his attraction to other circumcised men like himself couldn't be ignored -. These are accounts of actual meetings as the author shares his anxieties and sexual pleasures with you. There have been plenty of gay erotica stories written but most are fiction. This is what makes this book different these are very personal accounts over a period of 30 years of male to male sexual encounters actually experienced by the author and he shares these sexual meetings with you in very graphic detail as he remembers them. So get undressed as this book is definitely best read when naked as the author doesn't believe in preamble or whys and wherefores just what happened and what it felt like.

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