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A Deadly Development

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A Deadly Development introduces Sergeant Tom Burke of the Kansas City Murder Squad. Burke is a third generation member of the Kansas City Police Department.

Sergeant Burke is teamed with Detective Jack Thurber - a crass, but dogged investigator that Burke puts up with. The two are called to Kansas City's City Hall where a gruesome murder has taken place.

Mayoral Aide John Vithous was bludgeoned to death while typing emails late in the night. His murder shocks Kansas City and there is immense pressure on Burke and Thurber to solve the case - and fast.

Burke must come up to speed quickly on Kansas City politics, development law and the pernicious way that John Vithous operated. He also has to navigate through the last steps of his divorce and complex family relationships.

A Deadly Development is a roller coaster thriller filled with twists, lies and intrigues.

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