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To the Rescue! 33 Keys to Thriving During a Recession

26 pages19 minutes


If you're a business owner or self-employed, get sound advice and inspiration on outlasting and outsmarting a recession.

The tips in this compact ebook, each with a recommended action step to take immediately, cover:

* 3 fundamental principles of marketing to remember

* 23 ways to keep the business flowing, regardless of the economy's doldrums

* 4 methods of managing your mood swings

* 3 ways to prevent a recession slowdown next time around

Tackle the first three or four tips in this quick read today, then consider one more idea and its action step every day after that. In a month, your business will be hopping again. That's a promise!

Author Marcia Yudkin is a well-known expert on creative marketing and publicity.

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