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Galileo's Resurrection

206 pages3 hours


Brea. The city of Ellia's dreams. It was once a fond memory of time with her father, a beacon of hope and knowledge, a safe haven from her mother. Now, Ellia and Kieva have taken refuge to heal from their wounds and recover their strength. But not everything is as it it seems, and something darker lurks beneath.

Their recent hardships have awoken old memories within Ellia and she's forced to question everything she thought she knew. Was her father really the man she believed him to be or something else entirely? Can she trust Kieva or does he have an ulterior motive?

As Church forces close in, turning the once peaceful city of Brea on its end, Ellia is forced to make new alliances and seek help from the most unlikely of places. Does she dare trust the Order? Or should she go it alone and find the truth on her own?

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