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Forty Short Stories to Read on a Plane

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This collection of obscure tales automotive, travel and food tails came from life from fifty-years on the road working as a photojournalist. They are a mix of personal experiences and some collected from fellow travelers. This first-edition covers themes including automotive, food, clothing and travel. It’s about the learning curve of life and a how we can have a good time just watching the world go by, or by stepping into the deep end of the pool and immersing ourselves in its very texture. I feel that in some tiny way, these experiences helped define who we've all became. Recollections like these are not often put to print. I wrote this after spending hours on planes and always looking for something to read which would be flight friendly so that I could finish a book on a trip. I hope these will make you smile, or even better laugh recalling incidents from your own life or family times when you too were trying to find your way in the world.
Happy Trails

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