Secret for Stopping Bullying
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Continuing on from Book 1. this volume shows the individual how to face and deal with aggression, without violence, if it turns physical.
We can call it what we like, but when bullying becomes physical, it is assault. No doubt about it. Not all assaults are punches and kicks. There are many other forms. Grabbing, pushing, pulling hair, just to name a few.
Bullying is about power and control. For the most part, bullies attempt to control those weaker than themselves and almost never pick on someone stronger or more confident.
The PassivePOWER system employed in this book gives the individual the confidence to stand against such tyranny, secure in the knowledge they can defend themselves without resorting to violence. With more than 150 photos and step-by-step instructions, this do-it-yourself book deals in detail with most attempted assaults and shows how to evade, escape, or control them, returning control to the intended victim, without the use of violence.

Published: William Ford on
ISBN: 9781476133874
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