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People are complicated. Public figures often lead seedy double lives, while average folks rise to the occasion in times of crisis. Dallas Turner is a people person, and as a long-time flight attendant, he’s dealt with them all. Frazzled parents with overtired kids. Demanding businessmen who can’t fly unless they’re three sheets to the wind. Terrified passengers clinging to their armrests with a white-knuckled grip.

Most passengers think of him a glorified waiter—and if they’re lucky, they’ll never have that assumption challenged. Dallas is trained in CPR and self-defense. His primary duty is to care for the passengers. Although he’s well-prepared, some emergencies you just can’t train for.

Dallas has only known First Officer Paul Cronin for a few hours, but his gut instincts are usually accurate. Paul seems smart, determined and capable. He’d make a good permanent addition to the crew. Can Dallas ensure he survives the shock of his first round trip on Flight 511?

The Turbulence Series:
1: Into the Bermuda Triangle
2: Autopilot Engaged

Published: Jordan Castillo Price on
ISBN: 9781476195520
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