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Triumphant, tragic, beautiful and frustrating, Catching Crabs is the story of Kevin Dougherty. Kevin is a college age rower who has the skills to be great and the mind and habits to ruin him. Kevin is a tortured character who stumbles and fumbles his way to the ultimate race in both his personal life and rowing. Catching Crabs uniquely captures the essence of rowing, it's pain, it's beauty and it's unparalleled physical demands in the world of sports. It describes the strange sub-culture of rowing and the mind stressing technique required to be an elite rower. It accurately captures both the personal and mental pressure that being a rower places on an individual. The story takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the great rowing mecca's of the world.

Kevin and his best friend and rowing partner Jason believe they are Gods; rowing Gods and Gods to women. Moving quickly from semi-relationships to one night stands and everything in between. This continues until Kevin meets his soul mate. But Kevin's soul mate isn't so sure that she's ready for Kevin. Kevin is also about to find out a long kept secret that one of his close friends has been keeping from him, which sets the stage for an ultimate showdown during the Summer of rowing Nationals.

The story is about a journey, one from careless and invincible youth to adulthood. It's about friends, lovers, athletes and sport.

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