The War is Language: 101 Short Works

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The War is Language: 101 Short Works

Length: 266 pages2 hours


The War is Language: 101 Short Works is a disordered compilation that includes absurdest letters to a fake advice columnist.

As a whole, this high-impact panic attack of prose poetry and flash fiction probes identity in experience. The book explores memory and dichotomy by focusing on the impressions of a female soldier in 21st-century America. The book’s letters to a fake advice columnist weave in a sarcastic interaction with an absurd existential authority figure. The book calls into question our post-postmodern establishment of anti-authority conformists.

The War is Language: 101 Short Works is the first in an e-book series, On Impulse, which explores the spectrum of narrative.

About the On Impulse eBook Series:
If you read the tag on a shirt and think, "Man. That's pretty manipulative," these books are for you. The On Impulse series plays with the storytelling impulse: how we create our worlds, mold our minds, set our sights, and shape our legacies. In such a fast-paced culture each of us must be conscious of how words can operate for and against us. The series invites the reader to contemplate how we use language now: online, in full-length books, and with each other.

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