Dragon Fighter (Mage #1.2)

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Dragon Fighter (Mage #1.2)

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 145 pages2 hours


Following on from the events of the highly successful ‘The Accidental Dragon’, Sinth races desperately to find a healer for the dying woman in his arms. Meanwhile, in the dragon world, the Dark Mage of Chaos enslaves the mighty fire dragon Darfus that Sinth recently defeated, sending it on a rampage of destruction that kills 100s of innocents and completely obliterates a small town.

Hearing of the destruction, Sinth believes he is to blame and sets out on a quest of redemption to finish off the vengeful dragon once and for all. Facing his fear of magic, his guilt and the cold-hearted discrimination of the people of the Free World, he must find the courage to overcome his inner demons and figure out a way to defeat the mightiest adversary he has ever faced AGAIN!

This is a 7th story in the popular Mage Series and second in this series’ timeline by Kenneth Guthrie written set to the backdrop of the Free World (Sin Series, Quest Series, Ultraviolent, Ninja Series and more!) You can find the complete series in Mage 1 to 6: Ultimate Collection (all 7 stories and 1 promo story).

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