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Mage 1 to 6: Ultimate Collection

288 pages5 hours


(Note: There are actually 8 stories - see below.)

MAGE 1: The Accidental Dragon
Sinth is finally free. Having done his time at the strict Academy of Magic, he is living his dream and eager to make his name as a mage. Unfortunately, the world has other ideas. An altercation with a group of bandits leads to an ice block spell that traps our foolish mage and a gorgeous damsel in the grips of chilly death. How does Sinth respond? Summon the King of Dragons, of course? Sinth's worst day on the job is just beginning!

MAGE 1.2: Dragon Fighter
The dragon has returned with the help of the Dark Mage to bring destruction on the land and only one man can stop him. Sinth's world is about to get a whole lot worse as he is targeted by the dragon in a fight that can only end in one of them dead. Thankfully, with new friends and powerful allies, Sinth is not alone, but can he trust himself enough to defeat his opponent?

MAGE 2: The Fire Renewal
Sometimes a mage just has to indulge himself. Coming home after a date, Sinth finds he has the wrong bag. However, inside is what he’s always wanted: A FIRE MAGE AMULET! Everyone told him he was good for nothing but frost magic, but how can he not give this new toy a try? A fiery entertaining romp with danger unfolds!

MAGE 3: The World Untwining
Sinth is lost in another world and can't remember the spell to get home. In search of a way out he finds a demon walking the world between worlds. With a short exchange made, Sinth is on his way to hell and, hopefully, home. This is worldbendingly good fantasy humor!

MAGE 4: Welcome to the Weird World
Sinth is trapped on Earth! Stuck living with an old lady, who thinks he is an alien from outer space, he is forced into a dance competition by his new gangster friends. Can Sinth hold back from using magic to win possibly the hardest competition of his life? Find out within!

MAGE 5: The Time Guardian
Sinth is on the worst kind of guard duty. Guarding the Caverns of Time is a sucky job, but he’s stuck with it and when an accidental traveler and an outlandish warrior turn up to make his job even more terrifying, things get out of hand quickly. Sinth is going to have to use all of his skills if he wants to get out of this one alive!

MAGE 6: Taming The Phoenix
Prison, agony, and a growing apathy have sent Sinth over the edge. With nothing left to live for he contemplates death daily and is slowly succumbing to madness. This is when a man comes to change his life one more time in an offer that will set Sinth on the greatest adventure of his life in a novella that outlines the devastation, the joy and the anguish of the life of a mage.

Mage Promo: The Unexpected Dinner
All the best characters from the worlds of author Kenneth Guthrie come out to play in this short promotion for the mage series. The story goes: What if a foolish mage, an angry dragon, a wicked she-demon and a cowardly hero find themselves at dinner and trapped in a strange world that none of them belong too? What if these bitter enemies had to work together to escape? A lot of fun, of course! Come find out just how this ridiculous situation turns out.

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