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The Slave of the Al-Hamra

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Al-Andalus, Granada, 1370. The destiny of the Muslim empire in the West lies in the hands of one man: Ibn Zamrak, vizier to Muhammad V., fights day and night to maintain the balance in the fragile alliances between his Nasrid reign and the Christian kingdoms in the north and the Marinid dynasty in Africa. During long nights of vigil he writes the verses which will beautify the walls of the new palace of the Alhambra.

But the shadows of the past are long and the enemies numerous. The vizier’s hands and soul are blood-stained and in the desert sand at the other side of the Mediterranean Sea lies buried a secret which can destroy him.

Many miles from Granada, in the quarries of the Arabic Al-Mariyyat, in the cold dungeons of Qalat Yasub and in the harem of the Marinid gentlemen of Fez, Ahmed, Abdel and Aixa, victims of the vizier’s pursuit of power, investigate this secret, in which a family was involved a long time ago. They'r out for revenge against Ibn Zamrak, vizier, poet and conspirator whose poetry and ambition know no limits.

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