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Roger Follansbee doesn't know what to do.

He's the director of Information Technology at ESS, a battery company with a new technology that could revolutionize the world of electrical energy generation and storage. The company is pursuing a license with a German conglomerate to help make Quantum, the new energy storage system, immediately available for multiple applications across the globe. Once the deal is announced, the company's stock price should soar, and everyone -- including Roger -- will get rich. Follansbee's future looks bright.

That is until Geoff Sommers of the Central Intelligence Agency calls him. He claims Hoeffner International, the German partner, has a questionable history of protecting sensitive technology -- and Quantum may have military applications that Roger never dreamed of.

He is torn between the loyalty owed to his employer, and it's greedy, obnoxious leader, Tony Ng, and the loyalty he owes to his country.

Deliverables is a story about Roger's decision to go against ESS, and the consequences of that decision.

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