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Martini's & Weed Whackers

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**Short Story**True Story**

A note from the author: "This is a true story. Like many moments in life, this story is much funnier now than when it happened. Let me just say.... Martini's and weed whackers don't mix. I say this from personal experience, having witnessed the outcome of one such pairing. This is that story. :) "

What happens when you mix Martini's and weed whackers? You get a very interesting, and true story that will leave you laughing, yet shaking your head at the brain numbing power of alcohol.

Review: (via "After reading this authors short story Sweet Revenge, I went looking for additional titles by her and found Martini's and Weed Whackers. I wasn't sure what to expect with a title like that, but it was a very good read. Short, funny, and something I will remember every time I use my own weed whacker!" ~ Steve Luytjes

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