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Fix, Reset, and Reload

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Short Story Press Presents Fix, Reset, and Reload by Blaise Marcoux

Crusher Bruskiewicz doesn't believe he can be stopped. The fifteen-year old takes every challenge thrown his way, bolstering his fearsome reputation and encouraging his bullying ways. Some of his adventures are hazy in his mind, though, and hard to remember specifically.

What the teenager doesn't know is that he keeps dying from his misadventures, only to be teleported into the future and repaired before being sent back to his own time.

• Who is Crusher's real father, and how does that play into why the boy keeps being patched up by medics from a completely different century?
• What strange future keeps its watchful eye on a young hooligan as he risks life and limb far in the past?
• What plans are being made concerning Crusher's fate by his father? How could it spell a very bleak destiny indeed for the misbehaving kid?

Welcome to a future where corporations own people completely and time travel is a study option at the university. A time full of hovercars and holograms, space aliens and a totally privatized military industrial complex. Crusher had better prepare himself for another Fix, Reset, and Reload, because next time, he could very well meet his doom.

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