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Wise Mothers: Raising Children in the Social Media Era

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On an extraordinary morning during her morning jog in a peaceful place not far from home, Sally meets an incredible woman who changes her life. Without knowing it, Sally has found a Wise Mother who shows her the way in the new connected world of Social Media.
Wise Mothers – How to Raise Children in the Social Media Era is a story told in the form of a parable. Throughout history information has been passed down in stories that are applied to the present times. These stories hold a wealth of knowledge for all of us but could they really apply to Social Media? Here is a story of how to connect with our current online generation. A great story told as only a Wise Mother can tell it that makes everything simple again. And best of all it shows how one parent became the Wise Mother in her family. If you've got children or teenagers that are forever online, then you need to read this book.

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