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The Perfume Alibi

305 pages5 hours


A routine traffic stop. An inconvenience of everyday life. A humdrum event that repeats itself across America hundreds of times every day, every night. It’s late. It’s raining. The driver knows he’s well off the beaten path, somewhere in Ohio. The cop is bored until he hears the ping of his radar unit. A fancy red sports car appears out of nowhere and thus begins an ingenious game of cat-and-mouse.
Two down-on-their luck Hollywood character actors moonlight as cold-blooded killers-for hire. The Perfume Alibi tells the harrowing story of their fumbling, awkward early days to the polished, intricate schemes of their later years as their bloody careers progress.
Exciting, sometimes funny, but always highly entertaining, this tautly drawn mystery -thriller is reminiscent of the pulp fiction novels and film noir of the 1940-50s, but remastered for a 21st century audience.

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