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Golden Rule Parenting: Treat Your Child the Way You Would Like to be Treated

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Take the hassles out of parenting. Use heart-to-heart communication skills. Watch respect, compassion, and humility unfold.

How would you like to be treated when a problem comes up: told you are wrong, or feel accepted through being understood? Feeling understood is one of life’s most basic needs, especially when problems occur. Unruh’s three-week heart-to-heart-communication parenting program is the key to fulfilling this critical need within your child.

Over 2500 families have successfully implemented Unruh’s six groundbreaking, heart-to-heart communication skills—all based upon the biblical wisdom of the Golden Rule applied to parenting: Treat Your Child the Way You Would Like to Be Treated.

* Infuse discipline with understanding: first listen and agree with feelings; then engage in firm, consistent discipline.
* Capitalize on your child’s need to be good and please you.
* Fit your discipline into your child’s personality and developmental stage.
* Make success job # 1.
* Disagree agreeably.
* Teach three heart character traits: respect, compassion, and humility.

Drawing upon life-changing principles in his previous book—"Unleashing the Power of Parental Love"—Unruh’s heart-to-heart communication program ensures that your child will feel understood. Like the thousands of families Unruh has counseled, you too will experience your parenting hassles fade away and your child being transformed into a respectful, compassionate, and humble human being.

Portions of this book are adapted and updated from the author’s previous book, "Unleashing the Power of Parental Love", copyright © 2010 by Gary Unruh, MSW

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