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Siege of Stones: The Searchers, Book 3

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He is The Prisoner, ageless, deathless, powerful beyond measure – and now he is free.

A being as old as time, he has always been. For centuries a clandestine order of knights has guarded him, keeping his existence secret from an unsuspecting world. But The Prisoner has escaped his shackles, cutting a bloody swath of terror across America.

His time is now.

For covert CIA operatives Tony Luciano, Joseph Stein, and Laika Harris, the search is nearing an end. Each passing moment brings them closer to answers to the mystery they have been entrusted to solve; what spawned this awesome being and released him into the world? And what is his horrifying purpose? But their hunt has left an FBI man dead, and now the SEARCHERS are the hunted. Yet they dare not falter, for the Prisoner must be stopped at any cost, before he forges an unholy terrorist alliance that will rain destruction and death up on the Earth, and damn an enslaved human race to the torments of an eternal living Hell.

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