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A lovely but emotionally fragile young woman tells her own story of finding love and building a passionate and enduring marriage. This book is romance and erotica with a purpose. Written from the point of view of a young woman she describes how she learns about love and sex.

Twenty-one year old Aspen has graduated from college and landed her first job. Her love of animals and children has made her the perfect fit for the task of making a viable attraction out of a collection of cuddly creatures. Her beauty and unique biracial ethnic look is a media asset as well. Her attraction and attachment to her new boss is an added benefit, from her perspective. His intentions towards her are less clear. Although Jack is devoted to Aspen, their twenty-two year age difference has her convinced he sees her as a surrogate daughter.

The world is a frightening place for Aspen. Growing up without a father has given her a longing to be looked after and cared for by older men. Exposure to unintended racial slurs has left her internally damaged. Now, she is also experiencing episodes of mental frailty. Jack is a source of strength and security for Aspen. Together, they form a bond that meets their complicated and evolving needs.

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