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Killer at the Ambassador Hotel

187 pages3 hours


Joseph is back! Called out of retirement by his Mafia family, he has to abide by Family rules and get ready for his next target - the future President of the United States.

This time, assisted by his buddy, Lenny, and his beautiful cousin, Angelica, Joseph’s assignment leads him into the world of horse racing and hypnotism.

This novel, as most of Richard's books, is based on historical events with the final outcome of the story established long ago. It spins a tale around true occurrences and adds an alternative twist to the reality that we all have learned to accept.

Many of the facts are true, but the overall storyline is entirely a work of fiction where the main character and anti-villain, Joseph, thrown into the midst of a period in US history shaped by political turmoil and assassinations, again has to do his family's bidding.

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