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Love me or Leave me!

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"Love me or Leave me!" is the true story of my life for the first two years after I was released from a women's prison. It is a story about a woman who loved too much - me.

"Yes, I knew it!" Bad things happen to good people, even to good people with the best of intentions – me for instance. Good intentions are good, and high expectations are great; but in the real world, realization of high expectations is always (and always will be) a struggle. Oh yes – believe this, it’s a struggle between good and evil. Life is even more of a struggle when you encounter very real barriers placed in front of you by other people - barriers that cannot possibly be overcome regardless of your effort and good intentions. I’m talking about my prison record here people. Not even a “pardon” will erase that, at least not in my state of Alabama. Dealing with it is exhausting, humiliating, belittling, and downright defeating. I feel overwhelmed, but I get the message!

If you find out that you can’t change something, don’t try; go around it instead. Do something different! But, don’t give up; don’t give in – even when you don’t have any energy or resources left. Be damned stubborn and determined, or you will be vulnerable! You do not want to do anything (with anybody) that can get you back into the justice system; believe me! Reject anyone and everyone who is negative to your purpose.

To be sure, even people with good intentions will mislead you, because “they” want to believe that good always wins out over evil. Others, with not so good (selfish) intentions will berate and manipulate you for their own selfish benefit. They will destroy your self-confidence and self-respect, without which you cannot succeed. The not-so-good people consciously aim to benefit from your lack of self-respect - it's called manipulation. They will promote negative feelings of guilt deep within you. Don’t believe a word of it! Don’t become vulnerable! You and I must constantly keep our guard up and challenge everyone’s motive. Evil often wins!

Only you (I) can attempt to control your (my) destiny, your (my) chance to succeed, your (my) realization of your (my) dreams, whatever they may be. You (I) have to succeed in spite of the good people with good intentions. It’s called survival! You (I) have to succeed in spite of bad (not-so-good, selfish) people too. It’s called survival!

“Bad” people who claim to be your (my) old “friends”, your (my) old “lovers”, and even (in some cases) your (my) old “family” can cause you (me) to fail. We can’t choose our families (and we love them dearly); but we can choose our friends. Make wise choices based on what is right; and make no bones about it – whatever that’s worth. It’s time for us to put “ME” first! Claim God’s love and direction and just do it! People, either lead me in the right direction or get out of my way (life). By the way, don’t tell me you’re my friend unless you’re as committed to my success as I am. Either love me or leave me!

This book tells the story of a woman trapped in a destructive narcissistic-codependent relationship and how she is eventually able to "get out" of that relationship.
* Traits of a narcissist
* Traits of a codependent
* Personal boundaries
* Personal limits
* Grace
* Truth
* Love (Grace with Truth)

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