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For You the Living

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From Chicago Horror author Wayne Allen Sallee comes this collection of stories, one being a zombie story, told in the way only Sallee can, brutal, stark, filled with pain. Jay Bonansinga, co-author of THE WALKING DEAD and bestselling author of PERFECT VICTIM and PINKERTON'S WAR says of the title story: "Chicago has its share of treasures – deep dish, the Bean, Kingston’s blues, and Wayne Allen Sallee. Toiling in the stubborn vineyard of short fiction for most of his career, Sallee reaches a sort of a literary apogee with his brilliant and brutal horror novella “For You, The Living.” Ostensibly a plague tale, told in classic Lovecraftian diary form, Sallee’s yarn manages to deftly mingle the deeply personal with the gruesomely Grand Guignol. Riveting, ghastly, hilarious, creepy, and unforgettably Wayne-like, “For You, the Living” is at once a wholly original take on the zombie apocalypse genre while at the same time a heart-wrenching love story. This one will haunt you forever, folks. Highest recommendation!”

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