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The United States Constitution Made Easy...To Understand

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In 2008, I began exploring the idea of teaching free classes at our local Library on the basics of our Constitution and some history of the founding of America. I received permission from the Library, sent out e-mails and personal invitations, and advertised in the local newspaper.

Classes were eight weeks long and very well attended. I taught the classes twice a year for two years. In my small community in the northern mountains of my state, all who were interested and could, did attend and people from as far away as the south end of a neighboring county also attended.

I found that although the classes were well attended, I was only reaching about 40-50 people in a year (several people attended the classes more than once). The attendees were generally people of my generation, perhaps 10-20 years younger in some instances, but only a small number of youth. However, I realized I must reach the youth because they will be our leaders in the future and we desperately need good leaders because America is in dire straits.

My wife writes and publishes cookbooks. The cook book line is called the “Made Easy” series as in Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy or Garden Veggie Cookin’ Made Easy and Emergency Preparedness Made Easy and several others, all “Made Easy.” I thought that perhaps I would write a book on America’s founding and the Constitution and call it: “The United States Constitution Made understand.” The book would spell out the basics of America’s founding, her founders, the Constitution, and what it means in simple, easily understood words and phrases.

So, I have written this book in this manner, to most importantly, appeal to and reach more people who don’t know about their legal heritage and the “wonderful experiment”, as many political and historical experts have called the founding of the United States of America.

The Constitution is a mere 4,543 words long, including the signatures, and is easily understood while using no “big words.” Anyone having even a high school education can read and understand it. It does not take a scholar, a Supreme Court, an attorney or Congress to tell us its meaning.

Oh yes, some of the words of the Constitution have had the original intent changed by conspiring men in recent times, but one only needs to understand the basis for why a particular word was used in the first place.
The Declaration of Independence spells out perfectly why our Founding Fathers found it necessary to spend from May 25, to September 17, 1787 drafting the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers had suffered abuses from England and wanted to ensure and safeguard the Liberties of their posterity by drafting a “Contract” between the federal government and the States to vouchsafe those liberties.

Having said that, here is a book, which is simple, easily read and understood, complete with readable copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in the Appendices. By reading it, you will gain a better understanding of your American heritage and the courage and wisdom of our Founders, than any student exiting our educational system today.

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