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Zytainium: Dimensions

436 pages6 hours


New discoveries, advances in technology, new energy sources, new weapons, and a new understanding are a few of the things that the Twin Mistians go through. The Gasvores are not so helpless as believed and are flexing their muscle. Every advance leads to more questions. The search for answers continues as Tarin strives to make sense of the new findings. And just when they think a time of peace is possible, new issues erupt. Only a handful of people know the worst is yet to come and are running out of time. Along the way many new peoples are met, new relationships, lasting relationships are forged. All these peoples bring their own piece of the large puzzle. The question will there be enough time to put it all together. It becomes clear what happens to those who do not cooperate. The mysterious race has more involvement behind the scenes then anyone had imagined. Two forces, one superior are headed at each other at lightning speeds where there is only one winner and one loser.
Will Tarin have the time, be daring enough to accomplish the impossible? Who is this mysterious race? And where are they located? These and many other questions are answered in the exciting conclusion of the Zytainium series called Zytainium-Dimensions. Sometimes going boldly where no one has gone before is the only option.

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