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A Home Maid Gift

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When Jack and Jen met in college they were both pretty wild. One year On National Nude Day they brought a woman home to play with. They enjoyed it so much they made it a point to do it several times a year.

As their careers progressed they found less and less time for it, but always made it a point to celebrate Nude Day by inviting a pretty young thing to share their bed.

Now with Jen running her own pediatrics practice and Jack a senior partner in a prestigious law firm, the two can no longer take a chance of their sex life being found out.

Tomorrow is National Nude Day and its been eight years since Jack and Jen celebrated in their own special way. While home waiting for Jack, Jen walks in on their young coed maid Katie getting dressed,

The sight of Katie's beautiful young body has Jen's mind racing. When Katie tells her that she needs a thousand dollars to go visit her sister, Jen comes up with a special way that she can earn it.

When Jack wakes up the next morning he has no idea that this year Jen has decided to turn back the clock and present him with a very sexy Home Maid gift.

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