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Forbidden Desires: A Vampire Trilogy, Part III: Forevermore

52 pages48 minutes


Kidnapped by deranged vampire, Sebastian, Zoe finds herself alone in a desperate situation as she worries about Levi's fate. A surprising turn of events unfolds, but not before Zoe sustains injuries. Though injured, Zoe cannot resist her body's desires for the forbidden and she seeks lustful pleasures as she questions her growing feelings. Explicit material. 18 and older.

A tease of what's inside:
“What?” he asked as her eyes ran over him. Zoe only shook her head before setting the tray on the ground and crawling towards Levi. She could see from his eyes that Levi would be unable to resist her any longer and her body ached for Levi to touch her and fill her in the way only he could. Levi who already knew her body so well. Levi who desired Zoe as much as she desired him. The night in the bar felt like years ago and Zoe embraced Levi as her body molded against him.
“Zoe,” he groaned, his hands twisting in her long hair, pulling her head back as he exposed her pale throat. He inhaled deeply, watching a vein gently pulse. He ran his tongue up her neck, and across her jaw until his mouth met her mouth. This kiss was fierce and passionate, and Zoe’s limbs entwined around Levi.
“Yes,” he moaned as his hands ran up Zoe’s t-shirt, before pulling it over her head and exposing her ample breasts. As a bee drawn to honey, Levi’s mouth moved to her breasts and his familiar lips encircled her hardened nipples one by one. Gently taking her breast into his mouth, Levi flicked his tongue against her nipple before pulling gently to further harden her. After gently tugging, he bit down gently and then used his lips to pull at her nipple more.
“Aghh,” Zoe moaned, grinding against Levi. Moving to her other breast, Levi repeated his delicious torture and Zoe yanked his t-shirt over his head, running her fingers along his carved chest.
“More,” she moaned and Levi obeyed as he pulled and tugged at her nipples. Zoe felt the desperate tug in her groin as her breath began to quicken. Overcome with desire, Zoe pushed Levi down on the bed and began to undo his pants, smiling seductively as she slid his jeans down his legs. Next, Zoe slid off Levi’s boxers before feasting her eyes on his full erection.
Zoe pulled off her own pants so Levi could enjoy the view and licking her lips with anticipation, Zoe lowered herself between Levi’s muscular thighs.
“Zoe,” Levi moaned and his voice was hoarse with desire.
“Mmmm,” Zoe moaned in return, encasing Levi’s throbbing member in her warm, sweet mouth. Not wanting to waste any time, Zoe pushed her lips all the way down to the base, taking every inch of Levi deep into her mouth.

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