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The Beach House

160 pages2 hours


Six frightened people have gathered together to see if the dead can return. Will the unquiet specter of Sybil Thursten appear before them tonight to name her killer? Will she exact her own dreadful vengeance on the guilty person? And who has the most to fear: handsome, wealthy Mark Thursten, Sybil's seemingly bereaved husband; her sister Carol, who is almost too fond of Mark; or Dion Bates, the mysterious beachcomber, who is too knowledgeable about the family doings?

Livia Carter, haunted by the death of Sybil, must learn for herself the secret of the mansion's menacing ghost. For if she doesn't, how can she spend another night under the Thustens' roof? And with the shadow of death handing over them, how can she ever welcome Mark into her arms...?

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