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The Pocket Guide To Relationships

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Greetings, to those of you who are about to read this book. It is our pleasure to be able to share with all of you, our knowing regarding the topic of relationships, through this medium, at this time. It is our intention to introduce as many key ideas about the nature of relationships, as the brief nature of this book will allow, with the hope that many of the ideas contained herein, will create a desire within the reader to study and move toward a greater understanding of this topic. As you have probably experienced by now, relationships are capable of delivering to you, the greatest feelings of love and joy, and therefore, represent a very important aspect of life.
Life itself is both creative, and experiential by nature, and relationships represent the building blocks of all creative physical experience. Without relationships, there would be just the Creator, as it was in the beginning before God saw fit to create the material universe, and duality itself. Through the concept of duality, one thought or thing, was able to exist seemingly separate from another, and thus out of that concept was born the idea and reality of relationship. In human terms then, relationship exists as the "I" or ego, in relation to all that is external to it. Within the chapters of this book, we will disclose from a higher perspective than that of social consciousness, key ideas which are capable of expanding your understanding about the nature, function, and value of relationships in general.
As with other works, which we have authored through this medium, the information contained herein. may sometimes conflict with the ideas which are commonly held as truths within social consciousness. Our comment to you regarding this contrast is that, one does not benefit by engaging in any formal learning experience, by imposing limitations at the start of that experience. A state of open-mindedness towards all things, will eventually allow one to determine where the truth of a thought or belief lies.
It is our hope that you will enjoy this work, and that it might supply you with new insights into the nature of relationships, that will serve your future needs.
Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.

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