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The Alpha's Command (a Werewolf Erotic Tale)

34 pages30 minutes


Captain Neila Anwel has always employed wolves on her cargo ship. But when a combative young Alpha starts to challenge her, she realizes she's in way over her head. How far will she go to take charge and prove she's the crew's one true Alpha?

Warning! This short story contains 8,325 words of buildup including werewolves, femDom, and strapon play leading to an explosive conclusion. Adults only!

“You don’t know a thing about me, Captain. Or what I can do for you.”

She did laugh that time, and couldn’t help her gaze from flicking accusingly downward. “Yeah, I’m well aware of what you think you can do for me. Not really in need of that sort of ‘expertise.’”

A smirk touched his lips. “I saw. Quite a collection of toys you’ve got.”

She felt the slightest bit of heat rise in her cheeks. It was anger, she knew. Because it couldn’t be anything else, and what he thought of how she spent her downtime meant absolutely nothing. “Was it necessary to go through all my things?”

“Mostly,” he affirmed, his gaze lingering on her as if he were looking for something. “Wanted to make sure your little pack wasn’t just submitting blindly to their supposed Alpha.”

Her tongue curled hard against the inside of her cheek. She wanted to ignore him completely. He was baiting her, and even when she opened her mouth she knew it. “Oh please, do share your expert insight. Are they all brainwashed?”

“I’m not sure yet,” he said simply, leaning off the desk to reach a large drawer at the bottom of the storage cube.

She paled, but didn’t stop him. If he was looking to embarrass her somehow, that particular tactic wasn’t going to work. And if he intended on using the same angle he’d employed before, he had another thing coming.

“Everything else I can figure out, but this one leaves me a little stumped.” She heard the metal rings as he pulled it out, her eyes widening. “Unless you’ve got a lover, Captain. That XO of yours looks like a tasty dish.”

“A ‘tasty dish?’ Really?” She rolled her eyes at him, but made no motion to retrieve the contraption he was hoisting into the air like a prize. “But of course that’d have to be it. That’s the only way I could resist your advances. If men just didn’t do it for me.”

A feral grin tugged at his lips. “Well we both know that’s not true.”

Her hand clenched into a fist and in two quick strides she was in front of him, her fingers gripping hard into his jaw, forcing him to look directly at her. “You and I need to get something straight: I don’t give a damn about who you were or what you did before this. If you’re going to stay here, you follow my rules and you treat me with respect. I am not your little bitch, and you are never going to outrank me in the eyes of my crew.”

“I don’t take orders from a Beta. Especially one who’s not even a wolf. No matter how hard she’s trying.”

She knew her hand was moving swiftly. She felt the sting of it when it connected. But it took her a moment to put two and two together. She’d struck him. Not a slap, but an honest punch to the face, the angry red imprint of her knuckles lingering on his skin. Her chest rose and fell sharply, her stance almost spring–loaded, waiting to see how he would retaliate.

She expected the growl that rumbled low in his throat. She even expected the force; the swiftness of it and the raw power when his body collided with hers. She didn’t expect his lips, hot and rough on her own. Or his hands feverishly gripping at her shirt, fingers scalding against her skin.

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